Atheism, inspiration, and the ripple effect: one-year out of the closet

10 Feb

Dr Shell.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Heartfelt and informative. I am glad that you came out and have published many articles here that help me grow a a person.



It’s been a year since that day that I called in to one of the few atheist talk shows that I knew about then, called “Atheists On Air.” I still listen to it from time to time and feel nostalgic. (

I was distraught, anxious calling in to a show for fellow nonbelievers for the first time. I hadn’t told many people about my lack of belief in a god if I’d told anyone, and I had been in the closet for well over ten years, hiding behind my failsafe, fallback religious conviction, but on that day listening to openly atheist people, broadcasting, proud and free, I knew that it was my turn, my time to be out and to be honest.

I listened to the show for a while with sweaty hands, pounding heart of anticipation and anxiety, while that little voice of cultural norm said, “What if someone…

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