Examination of normal and pathologic fear

2 Dec


Have a safe, educational, and happy Halloween


Sight, sound, and other sensory input are initially the processors and contributors into our central nervous system of fear in our species. The sensory inputs specifically directly into several areas in our brain starting with the thalamus, then to the amygdala and cortex, generating a nearly immediate fear response. We  become conscious of our fear by either a direct or an indirect pathway, depending upon the stimuli in the environment and situation; we have evolved a highly sophisticated fear response as this is a vitally important emotional component in our repertoire.  This emotion may become pathologic in a variety of scenarios, and I will pay some  minor attention to PTSD.

Fear is the reaction to a perceived threat. Anxiety is the fear response when no threat exists, and which may become pathologic. In the case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), the…

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