30 May

Anyone else feel trapped inside of themselves?

The God Extinguisher

I will try to make this as short as possible and it will not be revealing in any way. 🙂
This is just my thoughts and it has far less to do with sexuality than you might think.

Since puberty I’ve questioned myself, my gender and my sexuality, almost every single day.
This takes a little time travel so here we go. 🙂

We are now in the year of the Kennedy shoting, 1963.
I was born and my parents where… a bit special.
My mother was a hard working, strong, no-nonsense kind of woman and my father was the same kind of straight forward man. He was also a professional criminal.

Growing up, I met a lot of “special” people.
Many of them had criminal records a mile long.
Some where gay, some where hetero, some where… something else.
I learned at an early stage that “the…

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