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Bradley Manning – still a ‘Good Ol’ Girl’

24 Aug

I wholeheartedly agree. What Chelsea/Bradley did for this country took bravery and guts. If there is no medal for her, her heart will be her medal.

The Salt Lake Daily Issue



Among those touting “I AM Bradley Manning,” I saw little reason to abandon my support for him because he now wishes to publicly acknowledge gender identity issues, and assume the outward persona of a woman.  In fact, I can only assume she’s one hell of a tough gal – who’s inner strength of conviction has stood her in good stead.  Especially as she’s managed to hold her head up – and hold it all together – while awaiting sentencing on her conviction for espionage.

I’ve been especially impressed by statements she’s made, acknowledging she always knew there was a price to be paid for her actions.  Even though many, on all sides, know she performed a much-needed service, by exposing the wanton recklessness and callous disregard for human life that has been allowed to run rampant among our Air Cavalry Forces – in all those theaters of…

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